FleetZoo Partner Program

FleetZoo Partner Program

At FleetZoo, our priority is an excellent customer experience.

We work hard to make sure that our products and services
meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

We seek continuous improvement, and are never satisfied
with past achievements.

We also recognize that there are other product and service providers who can enhance our customers’ experience by combining what they do with what we do. This forms the heart of our Partner Program.

If you represent an organization that can potentially add customer value by partnering with FleetZoo, we are interested in talking with you.

Our Partner Program opportunities range from software providers with complementary platforms that can integrate with the FleetZoo CORE Technology Platform, to reseller organizations that can better serve their customers by including FleetZoo offerings in their solutions portfolio.

If you would like to learn more about FleetZoo Partner Programs, please
e-mail us or use our contact form:


+1 (855) 41-Fleet



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