Delivering Optimized Routes & Streamlined Field Operations

Delivering Optimized Routes & Streamlined Field Operations

Import Your Addresses Quickly and Easily

For the small and medium-sized fleet operation, FleetZoo offers simple tools so that your existing customers and orders are instantly part of your new optimized vehicle routing. Larger fleet operators take advantage of seamless integration with existing systems.

Generate Optimized Routes in Minutes

With the touch of a button, your most efficient routing is delivered to your desktop. A routing that takes into account real-world issues like driver schedules and vehicle capacity. When you are ready, instantly send each driver’s route to them on their mobile device.

Dispatch Directly to Your Drivers’ Smartphones

Once driver’s scheduled orders or appointments are sent to them from the FleetZoo management portal, the information is available for immediate action. Driver actions during the day create real-time updates so that fleet managers can see the current status of all driver activities.

Keep Your Customers in the Loop

Your customers want to know what to expect. With FleetZoo they get up-to-the-minute information on their service appointment. Text messages, e-mails, and a customized web site deliver driver status information.

Handle Any Scheduling Changes

Changes and emergencies happen—and with FleetZoo you can handle them. Updated routes with new orders are immediately available to your drivers.

Monitor Your Daily Operations

The FleetZoo management portal shows you the current status of all of your drivers and vehicles. And FleetZoo’s rich set of reporting options give you the tools that you need to get a clear picture of your fleet operations.

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